Encuadernación Gorelik S. Recrystallization in metals and alloys
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Recrystallization in metals and alloys.
Горелик С.С., "Рекристаллизация металлов и сплавов"

480 pp. (English). The book is new but the effect of the years is evident. The state is rated 9 (out of 10): Text: 9.5; Dustcovers: 8.5.
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Resumen del libro

The first Russian edition of This monograph was published in 1967 and immediately gained much recognition from specialists in physical metallurgy and metal science. It was awarded a prize established in honour of D.K.Chernov, a prominent Russian metallurgist. The second edition was substantially revised to cover up-to-date theoretical and experimental data, in particular those concerning the influence of crystal lattice type, phase composition, and ...(Información más detallada)deformation on dislocation structures in deformed metals. The book was also supplemented with new chapters on re-crystallization in compounds and in thin films. The book may be of value for research workers and technologists dealing with the problems of physical metallurgy, plastic working and heat treatment of metals, and may also be useful for senior students and post-graduates specializing in the field