Encuadernación Yepifanov G., Moma Y. Introduction to solid-state electronics
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Introduction to solid-state electronics.

432 pp. (English). The book is new but the effect of the years is evident. The state is rated 9- (out of 10). The state of the dustcovers of the books is rated 8.5.
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Resumen del libro

Professor G. I. Yepifanov, Doc. Sc. (Phys. Math.), was for a long time associated with the USSR Academy of Sciences in the fields of deformation and failure of solids, and friction and boundary lubrication. His many publications in these fields have won him renown and praise both in the Soviet Union and abroad. For the last twenty years he has been Head of the Chair of Physical Principles of Electronic Engineering at the Moscow Institute of Electronic... (Información más detallada)