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Encuadernación Abragin A., Dontsov S. Linear Algebra: It's easy Encuadernación Abragin A., Dontsov S. Linear Algebra: It's easy
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Linear Algebra:
It's easy.

256 pp. (English). ISBN 5-9273-0052-9.
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Resumen del libro

Described in this book are various linear algebra problems with detailed solutions. Relevant theoretical background are featured at the beginning of each Chapter. The book is recommended for students of technical colleges and lecturers. (Información más detallada)


The main advantages of this book can be described as follows:

  • 1. Detailed solutions are provided for all problems included;
  • 2. Each solution is accompanied by comments and accurate description of methods;
  • 3. "Less words, more formulae" is the main principle of solving algebraic problems and make calculations more detailed and clear;
  • 4. Theoretical material is presented briefly (e.g. theorems without proof), although adequate to substantiate solutions. While methods of calculations , in Chapter "Determinants" are described in detail, similar calculations in other Chapters are represented in brief.
  • This book can be used as a part of educational additions in studying mathematics and as a reference book.

    The book serves as a guide in detail solution methods to linear algebra problems.

    The authors of this book plan to issue new collections of Analytical Geometry, Mathematical analysis, Differential equations problems with solutions for students, teachers, engineers and enthusiasts of mathematics, as well as other educational tools, which will be distributed by SPS BOOKS, spol s r.o., Praga, Czech Republic.

    SPS BOOKS also plans to present articles on mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and other sciences.

    Chapter 1.Determinants
    Chapter 2.Matrices
    Chapter 3.Arithmetic Vector Spaces. Rank of a Matrix
    Chapter 4.Systems of Simultaneous Linear Equations
    Chapter 5.Linear Space Axioms
    Chapter 6.Linear Operators
    Chapter 7.Bilinear and Quadratic Forms