Encuadernación Natufe O. Igho Russian Foreign Policy: In Search of Lost Influence
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Russian Foreign Policy:
In Search of Lost Influence

URSS. 304 pp. (English). ISBN 978-5-396-00709-3.
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Resumen del libro

Written by Russian politics and international relations specialist Igho Natufe, Russian Foreign Policy: In Search of Lost Influence is a critical analysis of Russian foreign policy since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. It examines the challenges facing Russia as it grapples with the tasks of re-establishing itself as a global power in a new international environment where most of its former allies in both the defunct Soviet Union and... (Información más detallada)

Table of contents
Chapter One. The Collapse of the Soviet Union
 1.Mikhail Gorbachev’s Policies
 2.Debating the Policies
 3.Consequences of Policies
Chapter Two. “Domestic” Environment
 1.Conceptual Base of Russian Foreign Policy
 2.The “Post-Soviet Space”
Chapter Three. The Struggle for Influence in the “Post-Soviet Space”
 1.Russia Seeks Integration
 2.US Seeks to Fill Void
 3.China in Contention
Chapter Four. The Ukraine Crisis
 1.Prelude to Crisis
 2.The Crisis
 3.Resolving the Crisis: Which Way Ukraine?

Chapter Five. In Lieu of a Conclusion
 1.In Quest of Lost Influence
 2.Path to Influence Restoration
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El autor
Natufe O. Igho
A specialist on Soviet and Russian foreign policy, is a Professor of Political Science at the Institute for African Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia.

He was educated at the People’s Friendship University of Russia, Moscow; Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; and McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada where he obtained his Doctorate degree. He taught Political Science and International Relations at Canadian, Ghanaian, and Nigeria universities. He is a retired Senior Policy Advisor with the Government of Canada where he served for almost 30 years between 1970–1978 and 1989–2011. During his tenure with the Government of Canada, his portfolios included Soviet Circumpolar Policies, International Relations, International Trade and the Environment, in three different departments of the Government of Canada.

He has published extensively on Soviet/Russian politics, African politics, international relations, and governance. He is the author of “Soviet Policy in Africa: From Lenin to Brezhnev”, and co-editor (with Khristina Turyinskaya) of “Federalism in Africa: Problems and Perspectives”. Igho is an avid sportsman and has coached football at different levels in Nigeria and Canada for the past four decades.