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Encuadernación Martin Del, Lyon Phyllis Lesbian / Woman Encuadernación Martin Del, Lyon Phyllis Lesbian / Woman
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Lesbian / Woman

312 pp. (English). Libros usados. Estado: 4+.
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The authors of this book are Lesbians. The have been "married" for nineteen years. If you think you know the roles they play who is "butch" and who is "femme"; who is dominant and who is passive; how they and thousands of women just like them live. Love and survive on a hostile, male-dominated society -- this book…their book…will shock you! Intimate, candid, filled with fascinated personal and social history, packed with true stories, here is the... (Información más detallada)



1. The Lesbian—Myth Reality

2. Self Image

3. Sexuality Sex Roles

4. Life Styles

5. Lesbians Are Mothers Too

6. Growing Up Gay

7. Lesbian Paranoia—Real Imagined Fears

8. Lesbians United

9. Lesbian/Woman

10. Not Toleration—Lesbian Liberation