Encuadernación Matthew Gullen, Sharon Woolery Second World Congress on Land Policy, 1983
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Second World Congress on Land Policy, 1983

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Part I The Human Condition: Growth,

Equity, Basic Human Needs, and the Land

Introduction to First Session Isaac M. Ofori

Chapter 1 Land Policy: A Global Outlook Aurelio Peccei

Chapter 2 The Man/Land Relationship Arlo Woolery

Chapter 3 Towards Land Policy for Human Survival

Nathaniel Lichfield

Part II Worldwide Trends and Their Impact

on the Provision of Food and Shelter

Introduction to Second Session Harold Dunkerley

Part IV What Are the Policies for Managing

Land---a Finite Resource---to Meet Basic Human Needs for Food and Shelter?

Chapter 14 Panel of Reporters

Charles Haar, Isaac Ofori, Harold Dunkerley, William Lim, and Earl Finbar Murphy

Chapter 15 Panel of Specialists

William Doebele, Guillermo Geisse, Shlomo Angel, Isaac Ofori, Ann Strong, Nathaniel Lichfield, Dan Darin, Sein Lin, Vincent Renard, Charles Haar, and Peter Kimm

Panel Discussion with Floor Participation

Chapter 16 What Must Be Done?

Jose Ramon Lasuen

Concluding Remarks Matthew Cullen


Appendix A Program

Appendix В Workshop Papers

Appendix С List of Participants

In Memoriam: Aurelio Peccei

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