Encuadernación A.Organski F.К., Jacek Kugle The War Ledger
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The War Ledger

292 pp. (English). ISBN 0-226-63279-2.
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Acknowledgments ix Introduction

Of Power

Of Size and Growth

Of Nuclear Weapons

Plan of the Book

One Causes, Beginnings and Predictions: The Power

Transition Three Models

Comparison of the Three Models Preparation for the Testing of a Model Empirical Tests of the Power-Distribution Models Conclusion

Two Davids and Goliaths: Predicting the Outcomes of

International Wars Power Indicators: Existing Measures The Missing Measure of Political Development Construction of a Measure of Political Development An Index of Governmental Extraction 1A A New Measure of National Capabilities Tests, Hypotheses, and Findings Conclusion

Three The Costs of Major Wars: The Phoenix Factor

Theoretical Propositions Indexing National Capabilities or Power Resources Estimating Consequences of War Choice of Test Cases Actors

Empirical Propositions Findings The Phoenix Factor Conclusion

Four Nuclear Arms Races and Deterrence

Deterrents and Deterrence Testing Deterrence: Outcomes of Crises Testing Mutual Deterrence: The Nuclear Arms

Race Conclusion

Five Conclusion

A Note on Architecture Major Wars: Beginnings Predictions of War Outcomes The Phoenix Factor Deterrence and Arms Races Beyond the Data

Appendix 1: Index of Political Development Appendix 2: Postwar American Aid Appendix 3: Analysis of Models Notes Bibliography Index