Cover Gorelik S. Recrystallization in metals and alloys
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Recrystallization in metals and alloys.

Горелик С.С., "Рекристаллизация металлов и сплавов"
480 pp. (English). The book is new but the effect of the years is evident. The state is rated 9 (out of 10): Text: 9.5; Dustcovers: 8.5.
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The first Russian edition of This monograph was published in 1967 and immediately gained much recognition from specialists in physical metallurgy and metal science. It was awarded a prize established in honour of D.K.Chernov, a prominent Russian metallurgist. The second edition was substantially revised to cover up-to-date theoretical and experimental data, in particular those concerning the influence of crystal lattice type, phase composition, and... (More)