Cover Smirnov B.M. Physics of weakly inonized gases. (Problems and solutions).
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Physics of weakly inonized gases.
(Problems and solutions).

436 pp. (English). The book is new but the effect of the years is evident. The state is rated 8.95 (out of 10): Text: 9.5; Dustcovers: 8.25.
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About the book. Each section of the book contains the theoretical part and problems with solutions. More than 200 problems on generation and motion of charged particles in plasma, plasma oscillations and the magnetic and electric properties of plasma are discussed in the book. The author aims at revealing the physical meaning of the problems and, at the same time, acquainting the reader with the procedures and methods employed for solving such problems....(More) The hook is intended for the university students specializing in physics and related fields. It can be used also as a handbook by the practical workers in ahese fields, since many of the problems are based on recently published results and the appendices contain the necessary reference data.

About the author. Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences Boris Mikhailovich Smirnov has been teaching physics at the Moscow Power-Engineering Institute for ten years. His fields of research are the physics of weakly ionized gases and the elementary processes in plasmas. He has more than one hundred publications to his credit, among them textbooks, aids for young specialists, and about ten monographs. The publications include Atomic Collisions and Elementary Processes in Plasma, Newly Excited Atoms in Plasma, Transport Phenomena in Plasma (in collaboration), Gas Lasers (in collaboration), and Introduction to Plasma Physics. Dr. B. M. Smirnov is also editor-in-chief of the journal of reviews Plasma Chemistry issued by the Atomizdat Publishing House.