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Cover Kogan V.I., Galitskiy V.M. Problems in Quantum Mechanics Cover Kogan V.I., Galitskiy V.M. Problems in Quantum Mechanics
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Problems in Quantum Mechanics

URSS. 376 pp. (English).
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The present book contains one hundred and sixty problems, most of them simple, in nonrelativistic quantum mechanics. Some of these problems were used previously by the authors in their courses at the Moscow Institute of Engineering and Physics. However, the majority were drawn up or selected in the course of work on the book. This book is designed for physics students who are studying quantum mechanics approximately at the level of D. I. Blokhintsev's... (More)

Problems and solutions
Chapter IOperators Constants of Motion
Chapter IIStationary States Penetration of Potential Barriers
Chapter IIIComputation of Probabilities and Average Values Transformation to Other State Spaces
Chapter IVMatrices Addition of Angular Momenta
Chapter VVariation of States in Time Operators in the Heisenberg Space
Chapter VIPerturbation Theory Sudden and Adiabatic Changes
Chapter VllThe Quasi-Classical Approximation
Chapter VIIISpin Identical Particles
Chapter IXAtoms and Molecules
Chapter XMotion in a Magnetic Field
Chapter XITheory of Collisions
Chapter ХII Parity Isotopic Spin