Cover Rabinovich Boris I., Tyurin Yuri V. Numerical Conformal Mapping in Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamics
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Numerical Conformal Mapping in Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamics.

312 pp. (English). ISBN 5-85692-033-3.
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This book presents a new numerical method of conformal mapping (the RT-algorithm) based on the R and T procedures. Solutions are given for arbitrary simply connected and doubly connected domains with piecewise - smooth contours. The continuum mechanics, including hydrodynamics, electrodynamics and elasticity theory.

The bool encompasses a wide range of numerical methods and computer techniques, including computer graphics. Problems analyzed are at... (More)




Chapter 1. Lavrentiev Variational Principle and Auxiliary Transformations.

Chapter 2. RT-Algorithm for Conformal Mapping of an Arbitrary Fomain onto the Unit Circle and of a Doubly Connected Domain onto the Circular Annulus.

Chapter 3. Exterior Problems of Hydrodynamics.

Chapter 4. Interior Problems of Hydrodynamics.

Chapter 5. Liquid Sloshing in Cavities.