Cover Shcholkin K.I. Physics of the Microworld // Физика микромира. (In Arabian)
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Physics of the Microworld // Физика микромира.
(In Arabian)

344 pp. (Arabian). The book is new but the effect of the years is evident. The state is rated 9+ (out of 10).
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Corr. USSR Academy of Sciences KI Shchelkine in the popular series of essays is about the structure of atoms and atomic nuclei of matter and antimatter, on nuclear forces, the structure of nucleons. The book gives an idea of ​​the strong, electromagnetic and weak interactions, parity, its non-conservation of the vacuum polarization. Describes the model of the nucleus, nuclear fission and fusion. In the book you can find basic information about elementary ...(More)particles. It also refers to the latest practical achievements of quantum physics --- quantum amplifiers, radio emission from atomic hydrogen, the Mossbauer effect and others. Several essays devoted to the strange particles.

The book is written in clear, understandable language and is designed for readers with secondary or higher education who do not have special physical and mathematical training, but are interested in the latest achievements of the atomic physics, nuclear and elementary particle physics --- achievements microcosm.