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Cover Kradin N.N. Nomads of Inner Asia in transition Cover Kradin N.N. Nomads of Inner Asia in transition
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Nomads of Inner Asia in transition

URSS. 304 pp. (English). ISBN 978-5-396-00632-4.
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This book contains some important articles and conferences presentations by Russian archaeologist and anthropologist Nikolay N. Kradin. They are divided into four parts in which the author has made contributions in the field of nomadology. The original conception of the author declares that the pastoral nomads had their specific pathway of socio-cultural evolution. Most of the book is dedicated to questions of the theory of nomadism, anthropology,... (More)

Part One

 Theoretical Foundation
  1. Nomadism, Evolution, and World-Systems: Pastoral Societies in Theories of Historical Development
  2. Nomadic Empires in Evolutionary Perspective
  3. Ernst Gellner and Debates on the Nomadic Feudalism
  4. Cultural Complexity of Pastoral Nomads
Part Two

 Archaeological Retrospective
  5. The Social Stratification of the Xiongnu Nomadic Empire in Baikal Area
  6. Settled Population in the Xiongnu Empire: Ivolga Fortress Settlement Example
  7. New Approaches and Challenges for the Xiongnu Studies
  8. North and South in the Dynamics of Inner Asia: The Movement Of People, Empires and Technologies
Part Three

 Historical Dynamics
  9. Structure of Society and Power in the Ancient Inner Asian Nomadic Empires: Xiongnu and Xianbei
  10.Liao Dynasty as a Nomadic Empire
  11.The Mongols Empire and Debates of the Nomadic States Origins
  12Chinggis Khan, World System Analysis and Preindustrial Globalization
Part Four

  13Transformation of Peasant Pastoralism Among the Aginsky Buryats, end of XX – Beginning of XXI Centuries
  14The Transition of Tuvinian Pastoralism in Contemporary Perspective
  15Between Khans and Presidents. Anthropology of Politics in Post-Soviet Central Asia
  16Post-Soviet Power in Anthropological Perspective229