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Cover Tarasov L.V. Laser physics Cover Tarasov L.V. Laser physics
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Laser physics Ed.2

URSS. 360 pp. (English). ISBN 978-5-396-00612-6.
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This book deals with the physical processes that take place in lasers. The author considers three groups of problems: how to get inverted active media, the formation of a radiation field in a resonator, and the dynamics of the processes in lasers. This work analyzes different directions in the development of lasers: dye lasers, compressed-gas lasers, recombining plasma lasers, unstable resonators, synchronization of longitudinal and transverse modes,... (More)

Preface 5
Chapter 1. Population Inversion in Active Media 9
Some General Aspects 9
Optical Pumping. Solid-state Lasers
Organic Dye Lasers 30
Gas Lasers with a Wideband Optical Pumping 36
Pumping by Self-maintained Electric Discharge in Rarefied Gases 39
Eleciro-ionisation Lasers 50
Gasdynamic Lasers (Thermal Pumping) 54
Chemical Lasers 58
Plasma Lasers (Recombination Pumping) 64
Chapter 2. Formation of Radiation Field in a Laser Resonator ... 73
2.1. Generation Condition 73
Optical Resonator and Laser Radiation (Preliminary Remarks) 78
General Remarks about Open Resonators . 88
Lens Waveguides and Open Resonators (Geometrical Optics Approximation) . 100
Detuning of an Open Resonator 112
Analysis of Open Resonators on the Basis of Fox-Li Iterative Method. Equivalent Resonators 116
Gaussian Beams 134
Transformation and Matching of Gaussian Beams 142
Gaussian Beams in Stable Resonators 151
Unstable Resonators 163
Frequency Selection 175
Hole-burning Effect and Frequency Pulling Effect 183
Thermal Lens 190
Waveguide Resonators 195
Optical Radiation in a Thin-film Waveguide. Distributed Feedback 200
Chapter 3. Dynamics of Laser Processes 214
General Remarks about Laser Operating Conditions .... 215
Approximate Equations Describing the Dynamics of Laser Processes (Balance Equations) 229
Free Generation. Regular Damped Pulsations of Radiation Power 244
Unstable Resonator Laser. Undamped Pulsations of Radiation Power 256
Active Modulation of the Resonator Ç-factor 262
Giant Pulse Generation in the Case of Active Modulation of the Resonator 270
Bleachable Filter Lasers 283
Giant Pulse Generation for Passive ^-modulation of the Resonator 296
3.9 Longitudinal Mode Locking (Ultrashort Light Pulse Generation) 304
Measurement of Duration of Ultrashort Light Pulses .... 313
Analysis of Self-locking of Longitudinal Modes in a Bleachable Filter Laser Based on Fluctuation Concepts 319
Time-based Description of Active Longitudinal Mode Locking in a Laser with a Uniformly. Broadened Gain Line . . . . . 328
Appendices 336
References 345
Index 354