Cover Popkov Yu.S. Dynamics of Non-homogeneous Systems
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Dynamics of Non-homogeneous Systems. Vol.4

URSS. 160 pp. (English). ISBN 5-8360-0221-5.
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The Proceeding of ISA RAS presents some new theoretical results in the fields of macrosystem analysis, mathematical modelling, deterministic and stochastic dynamics, numerical methods, optimization, and games. The book also contains articles dedicated to the solution of some applied problems in economic, technical, and biological systems, where the results of the mentioned fields can be used. (More)

I. System A nalysis
Afanasyev A. P. Estimates of Distances in Many-Valued Mappings Determined by Perturbed Domains Admissible Solutions in Mathematical Programming
Dikusar V. V., Ko ska M., Figura A. Application of Control in Ordinary Differential Equation Solvers
Propoi A. I. Construction of the Lyapunov Function by the Covariant Representation of the Given Vector Field
Smoljakov E. R. Acceleration of Aircraft's Mass Center Without Acting of the External Forces
II. Optimiz ation and Games
Antipin A. S. Augmented Lagrangian Method for Equilibrium Programming Problems With Coupled Constraints
Khobotov E. N.  The Use of Optimization-simulation Approach in Problems of Manufacturing Systems Reengineering
Propoi A. I. Construction of the Lyapunov Function by the Given Vector Field
Smoljakov E. R. The Infinite System of Non-Cooperative Equilibrium Concepts
III. Numeri cal Methods for Optimization
Kalinkin A. V. Markov's Model of the Two-Sex Population
Kartashov G. D., Kanchavelly A. D. Asymptotic Estimation of Average Acceleration Factor of Tests for Consecutive Systems
Novikov E.A., Golushko M.I., Solomatina L.E. Global Error Estimates for Methods for Solving Stiff Systems of ODE in Chemical Kinetics
Sadykhov G. S., Gerasimov A. V. Fiducial Evaluation of Mean Residual Discrete Useful Life of Furnishing Items of Flight Vehicles
IV. System  Modelling
Golubkov V.V., Barbashova Т.F. Polynomial-Exponential Approximation of Vector-Functions