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Siebenthal and Stall.
Lead and zinc...

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Siebenthal and Stall

Lead and zinc...

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^Aud^^^igmeiiits and salts are made both by smelting and ileal processes. Sublimed lead, or basic lead sulphate, and pus lead oxides are lead pigments produced by sublimation \ furnaces; basic carbonate white lead and ...(More)the lead salts are lemical processes. Sublimed lead, or basic lead sulphate, Sjtlrectly from ore, but the lead oxides as well as white lead I »alts are made from pig lead. ÄJfMdeand leaded zinc oxide are made by the American process |f fj*"m ore by sublimation in an oxidizing furnace, but some *'|j8 is made in this country by the French process, in which zinc is sublimated in an oxidizing furnace. Lithopone and jjure made by chemical processes, the zinc base being derived ©pre, metallic zinc, galvanizers' ashes, or scrap zinc. Litho-ggiiade by mixing equivalent portions of solutions of zinc and barium suhmide, which brings about a mutual pre-.tion of zinc sulphide and barium sulphate either in chemical ' latioa or as a very intimate mixture, sales of nearly alljead and zinc pigments^ind salts, as reported du^ers, showed g»H)a in 1924 as compared with 1923. Sales V id lead, or basic lead sulphate, made the greatest gain—23 c Demand for white lead, or basic carbonate, was ajso rtv good and sales increased 15 per cent. Sales of lithopone showed a continued increase, making a gain of 11 per cent over those of 1923. The sales of zinc oxides also kept pace with increased demands and advanced 5 per cent.

The French process zinc oxide plants of the International Lead Refining Co., at Akron, Ohio, and East Chicago, Ind., put new units ifi operation in January, 1924, and October, 1924, respectively, thereby -^tipling their capacity. Some crude zinc oxide was produced during *he year at the Bully Hill plant of the California Zinc Co., Winthrop, Calif. The lithopone plant of the Chemical & Pigment Co., St.

tHelena, Md., doubled its capacity. Increased capacity was reported rthe lithopone plants of the Krebs Pigment & Chemical Co., ewport, Del., and the St. Louis Lithopone Co., Collinsville, 111. kenew lithopone plant of the Mineral Point Zinc Co., at Depue, 111., reported a substantial output. Former producers of zinc oxide that