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THE Bingle aim in writing this volume has ljöfn to .make m Algebra which the beginner would read with irvcreasrtig. i£ terest, intelligence, and power. The fact has been kept constant^ in mind that, to accomplish this object, the several^ presented so distinctly that the pupil will be led to feel Aat 1$ . is mastering the subject. Originality in a text-book of tlus fcwj is not to be ...(More)expected or desired, and any claim to usefulnart mm? be based upon the method of treatment and upon thfl nus»W and character of the examples. About four thousand example have been selected, arranged, and tested in the recitation-room and any found too difficult have been excluded from th& book The idea has been to furnish a great number of examples for pre* ^tice, but to exclude complicated problems that conjram* energy to little or no purpose. ." In expressing the definitions, particular regard has been'' brevity and perspicuity. The rules have been deduced , cesses immediately preceding, and have been written, lU&IJg committed to memory, but to furnish aids to the studetttj ing for himself intelligent statements of his method*. Eaek ' has been fully illustrated, and a sufficient number of problem* ftfli been given to fix it firmly in the pupil's mind before he procdn to another. Many examples have been worked out, in ordep to exhibit the best methods of dealing with different classes of problems and the best arrangement of the work ; and such aid has been given in the statement of problems as expe. )nce has shown