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Calvert W.J.R.






The book is divided into two parts. The first Part intended to cover the ground of a general school educatic that is to say, it carries the work rather beyond the standi of the School Certificate or the Army Entrance Examinati Several of the chapters .have a supplement in smaller ty which can be omitted without ^disturbing the continuity the treatment: it is intended ...(More)that they should be omit by those who are still at the general education stage. r_ second Part, also in the same smaller type, is intended those who are making Heat a main subject; it brings work up to University Scholarship standard, and so is am for such purposes as the Higher Certificate or the Intermedi B.Sc. ^

"* "ag the treatment to be adopted in Pari by a consideration which is sometimes o1 $ those who begin the study of Heat, a fair ] ot carry their work much beyond this element 'ijäubject will merely form part of their gen While, therefore, the treatment must forr ^foundation upon which a systematic study can be built it cannot be regarded as a foundation only; it must, as as possible, give some indication of the scope and aim; the subject, and the kind of problems with which it di If the treatment does not do this, one has been respons for sending out into the world a number of " educati people with quite erroneous ideas. Even more heav; pone's responsibility to those who begin with an open n and have not yet discovered in what direction their inte and aptitude lie ; in the elementary portion of the sul one is supplying them with a large portion of the mat*