Noga Alon (Tel-Aviv)
Multicolored matchings in hypergraphs Файл в формате Adobe PDF
 Keywords: Rainbow matchings, Additive Latin transversals
 AMS Subject Classification: 05C65, 05D15
Artūras Dubickas (Vilnius)
Divisibility of the resultant of a polynomial and a cyclotomic polynomial Файл в формате Adobe PDF
 Keywords: Cyclotomic polynomial, resultant, divisibility
 AMS Subject Classification: 11C08, 11B83, 11R04, 11R09
Valérie Flammang (Metz), Georges Rhin (Metz), Qiang Wu (Chongqing)
The totally real algebraic integers with diameter less than 4 Файл в формате Adobe PDF
 Keywords: totally real algebraic integers, diameter, auxiliary functions, integer transfinite diameter, Chebyshev polynomials
 AMS Subject Classification: Primary 11C08, 11Y40
Justas Kalpokas (Vilnius), Jörn Steuding (Würzburg)
On the value-distribution of the Riemann zeta-function on the critical line Файл в формате Adobe PDF
 Keywords: Riemann zeta-function, value-distribution, critical line
 AMS Subject Classification: 11M06
Sergei V. Konyagin (Moscow), Igor E. Shparlinski (Sydney)
On convex hull of points on modular hyperbolasФайл в формате Adobe PDF
 Keywords: congruence, modular hyperbola, integral polygon, convex hull
 AMS Subject Classification: 11A07, 11C08, 11D79
Carl Pomerance (Hanover), Andrzej Schinzel (Warszawa)
Multiplicative properties of sets of residues Файл в формате Adobe PDF
 Keywords: product-free set
 AMS Subject Classification: Primary 11B05, 11B75 (Secondary: 20D05)
Mariya G. Bashmakova (Bryansk)
Estimates for the exponent of irrationality for certain values of hypergeometric functions Файл в формате Adobe PDF
 Keywords: irrationaliry measure, integral representation of linear forms, values of logarithms
 AMS Subject Classification: 11J82