Cover Pavlov D.G., Atanasiu Gh., Balan V. Space-Time Structure. Algebra and geometry
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Space-Time Structure.
Algebra and geometry

528 pp. (English). ISBN 5-94205-020-1.
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The present volume contains selected articles published in the scientific journal "Hypercomplex Numbers in Geometry and Physics" (numbers 1-6). The topics covered by the included contributions range from hypercomplex algebras to associated Finsler geometries, focusing on the commutative-associative algebras and on Berwald-Moor metric structures, applications of polynumber algebras in Physics, and Finslerian extensions of Relativity Theory. (More)

About the author
Balan Vladimir
Full professor at the University «Politehnica» of Bucharest, Romania. Author of scienti?c publications and monographs. Founding member and vice-president of the Balkan Society of Geometers, member of the American Mathematical Society, European Mathematical Society and Romanian Society of Mathematical Sciences. Research areas: Finsler, Lagrange and generalized Lagrange spaces; generalized gauge theory; harmonic maps; variational problems applied to gravitation and relativity, spectral theory of tensors.