Cover Bally M.N., Friedman P. Macroeconomics. Financial Marctts,and theInternational Sector
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Financial Marctts,and theInternational Sector

798 pp. (English).
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Chapter I. Measuring Economic Perfomance

Chapter II. Aggregate Supply and Demand and Income Determination

Chapter III. The Monetary Economy, Aggregate Demand, and Equilibrium Income

Chepter IV. The Government and Aggregate Demand: Fiscal Policy, Budgets and the Interest Rate

Chapter V. Monetary Police, the Federal Reserve, and the Money Supply

Chapter VI. Financial Assets, Real Interests Rates, and the Yield Curve

Chapter VII. The Demand for Investment Goods, Financial Intermediaries, and the Interst-Rate Gap

Chapter VIII. Macroeconomic Policy When Financial Markets Incorporate Expectations about Inflation and Economic Policy

Chapter IX. The Trade-Off between Output and Inflation

Chapter X. Supply Shocks and Supply-Side Inflation

Chapter XI. Internationl Trade, Capital Movements, and the Exchange Rate

Chapter XII. Macroeconomic Policy in International Economy

Chapter XIII. Economic Fluctations: Consumption and Investment Demand

Chpter XIV. Economic Fluctations:International Sector, the Financial Sector, and Stabilization Policy

Chapter XV. Monetarism: Classical Roots and Contemporary Implications

Chapter XVI. Rational Expectations, and Neo-Keynesian Responses

Chapter XVII. Aggregate Supply: Long-Term Growth and Productivity

Chapter XVIII. Productivity, Competitiveness, and Economic Policies for Long-Term Growth