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Cover Per Pinstrup-Andersen Agricultural research and technology in economic development Cover Per Pinstrup-Andersen Agricultural research and technology in economic development
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Agricultural research and technology in economic development

262 pp. (English). ISBN 0-582-46048-4. Second-hand. Condition: 4+.
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This successful book has been extensively revised for the second edition, and is a recent addition to the highly praised Tropical Agriculture Series.

The authors provide a general account of the factors affecting agriculture in the tropics, placing particular emphasis on ways of using recent research findings to improve current farming methods. Bearing in mind the increasing economic restraints imposed on small farmers, they have also emphasised... (More)



1 Food and agriculture in the developing countries Food production and economic development

Nutrition and demand issues Food production issues Perspectives for the future Notes

2 Agricultural research, economic growth and improving living standards: the relationships

General framework

Agricultural research and economic development The nature and characteristics of research results Externalities in research Notes

3 Agricultural research in developing countries Brief historical view

Magnitude of research expenditure Research investment over time

Distribution of research expenditure among developing countries Distribution among commodities Public versus private funding Notes

4 International agricultural research for the developing countries

The need for international agricultural research The international agricultural research institutes Notes

5 Economic returns to agricultural research and modern technology

Reasons for estimating economic returns Economic returns to national agricultural research Economic returns to international agricultural research Notes

6 Distribution of economic benefits from agricultural research and technology

Technology characteristics

The structure of the agricultural sector

Distribution of benefits among factors of production

The market structure for agricultural products and the price effect

Agricultural policy


7 Thero le of fertilizers

Fertilizer consumption in developing countries

Fertilizer demand forecasts

The contribution of fertilizers to food production

Factors influencing fertilizer usage


8 Environmental effects of modern technology

Land resources Water resources Genetic resources Energy resources Fertilizer resources Air resources

Pesticides and the environment

9 Measures to enhance the research contribution Measures to guide research and specify desired technology Research organization

Measures to promote adoption and growth Measures to influence distribution Notes

10 The need for external assistance Magnitude of external assistance Current and future needs for external assistance Notes

Conclusion References

Index and Bibliography