Cover Poole L. Hypertalk
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140 pp. (English). ISBN 1-55615-137-3. Second-hand. Condition: 4.
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This book is a convenient reference to HyperTalk, the script-writing language of Apple Computer's HyperCard software. It is for any HyperTalk script writer---beginning to advanced---who needs quick access to concise descriptions of all HyperTalk elements. The book covers HyperTalk for HyperCard versions 1.0,1.0.1,1.1, 1.2, and 1.2.1. It identifies functional differences between versions and identifies features not available in certain versions.

The ...(More)main section of the book completely describes all HyperTalk commands, control statements, functions, properties, constants, and system messages. These HyperTalk elements are all arranged together in alphabetic order like the entries in a dictionary. To find information on a specific element, simply look it up by name in the main section of the book.

The three appendixes contain general information relevant to many HyperTalk commands, functions, and so on. Appendix A describes HyperCard objects (stacks, backgrounds, cards, buttons, and fields), sources of value (constants, literal values, fields, variables, expressions, and more), and windows. Appendix В lists HyperCard operators for combining and modifying values in expressions. Appendix С illustrates the inheritance path, or object hierarchy, for HyperCard messages.

Contents Commands, Control Statements, Functions, Properties, Constants, and System Messages................. Appendix A: Values, Objects, and Windows......... Appendix B: Operators.......................... Appendix C: Message Inheritance Path.............