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Vladimirov Yu.S.
Classical Gravity Theory
URSS. 2018. 224 с.
  • Твердый переплет

The book is a course of lectures on classical gravity theory (general relativity). The first part presents basic notions, content and main consequences of general relativity (GR). In the second part reference-frame theory and monad approach are considered to comprehend GR thoroughly. The monad approach... (Подробнее)

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URSS. 2023. 144 с.
  • Мягкая обложка

This guidebook is mainly intended for students (bachelors and especially masters) majoring in ecology, environment, natural resource management, and related fields. Despite the emphasis placed in the book on the life sciences, the guidebook also provides an overview of the subjects that are in the... (Подробнее)

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