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Обложка Popkov Yu.S. Dynamics of Non-homogeneous Systems Обложка Popkov Yu.S. Dynamics of Non-homogeneous Systems
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Dynamics of Non-homogeneous Systems Vol.2

URSS. 1999. 148 с. ISBN 5-8360-0048-4.
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The Proceeding of ISA RAS presents some new theoretical results in the fields of macrosystem analysis, mathematical modelling, deterministic and stochastic dynamics, numerical methods, optimization, and games.

The book also contains articles dedicated to the solution of some applied problems in economic, technical, and biological systems, where the results of the mentioned fields can be used (Подробнее)

I. System An alysis
Barkin A. I., Rokin D. N.Non-quadratic Performance Criterion for Linear Plants
Golubkov V. V., Grekchuha V. A., Krugljakov S. V., Barbashova T. F.Decompositional Method for Solving Parameter Estimation Problem of Large dimension
Popkov Yu. S.Entropy-Linear Programming: p-Active Variables Multiplicative Methods with Feedback Control
Rabover V.Jet Continuations and Reducibility of Functional Families
II. Optimiza tion and Games
Birgin E.G., Evtushenko Yu.G.Automatic Differentiation for Optimal Control Problems
Evtushenko Yu. G., Golikov A. I.The Augmented Lagrangian Function for the Linear Programming Problem
Propoi A. I.Learning Problem in Linear Programming
Smoljakov E. R., Smoljakov V. E., Kichatov Yu. F.Existence of Saddle Points in Games on the Dependent Sets
III. Numeric al Methods for Optimization
Evtushenko Yu.G., Moretti A., Zhadan V.G.Newton's Steepest Descent for Linear Programming
Zhadan V. G.On Two Iterations Convergence of Primal–Dual Newton's Method for Linear Programming
IV. System M odelling
Afanasyev A. P.The Modeling of the Population in a New Locality Based on the Immigration Flows
Dikoussar V. V., Shompolov A. I.Some Control Investment Problems
Krivonozhko V. E., Propoi A. I.Modeling Resource-Economy Development