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Обложка Popkov Yu.S. Dynamics of Non-homogeneous Systems Обложка Popkov Yu.S. Dynamics of Non-homogeneous Systems
Id: 978
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Dynamics of Non-homogeneous Systems Vol.3

URSS. 2000. 144 с. ISBN 5-8360-0054-9.
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The Proceeding of ISA RAS presents some new theoretical results in the fields of macrosystem analysis, mathematical modelling, deterministic and stochastic dynamics, numerical methods, optimization, and games.

The book also contains articles dedicated to the solution of some applied problems in economic, technical, and biological systems, where the results of the mentioned fields can be used (Подробнее)

I. System An alysis
Borisov A. A., Vladimirov U. I., Kartashov G. D., Kanchavely A. D.About Estimation of Linear Functional from Markov's Process
Krivonozhko V. E.Compound Decomposition and Interior Point Methods
Smoljakov E. R.The Most Common Notion of Saddle Point
II. Optimiza tion and Games
Afanasyev A. P.The Shift in the Bilinear Integrand of the Local Variational Problem
Antipin A. S.From Optima to Equilibria
Dikoussar V. V.Parametric Methodology for Optimization with Control-State Variable Constraints
Propoi A. I.On Linking Optimization Models
Smoljakov E. R.Active Equilibria in Non-cooperative Differential Games
III. System  Modelling
Elsmont O.Population Distribution in a City with Congested Roads
Grigoriev V. A., Grishin D. S.Program for Numerical Search of the Symmetrical Weak Active Equilibria
Golubkov V. V., Grekchuha V. A., Krugljakov C. V., Barbashova T. F.Decompositional Method for Solving Parameter Estimation Problem of Large Dimension. Application to Apc-analysis