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Обложка Sukharev O. S. Institutional Economic Theory of Property and Economic Reforms Обложка Sukharev O. S. Institutional Economic Theory of Property and Economic Reforms
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Institutional Economic Theory of Property and Economic Reforms

URSS. 2016. 128 с. ISBN 978-5-396-00688-1.
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Basic provisions, principles and criteria of institutional theory of privatization-nationalization and assets management in economy are introduced. Structural analysis of property in the aspect of its two basic elements, public and private property, is carried out and the model of interaction of public and private sectors is introduced. The main attention is paid to the efficiency estimation criteria of these property kinds functioning, and to expediency... (Подробнее)

Section 1.Institutional Theory of Privatization-Nationalization Assets

 Chapter 1.Institutional Theory of Privatization and Nationalization
  1.1.Privatization Process: Possible Benefits and Costs
  1.2.Principles and Criteria of Privatization Efficiency
  1.3.Nationalization: Institutional Possibilities (Price Criterion)
  1.4.Interaction Model of Public and Private Sectors
 Chapter 2.Structural Analysis of the Property: Optimum Principle
  2.1.The Necessity of Structural Analysis of Property and Formations of Privatization and Nationalization Criteria
  2.2.Optimum Principle of the Property Structure and Criteria of Privatization and Nationalization Expediency
  2.3.Privatization in Transitive Economies: Errors and Consequences
Section 2.Institutional Theory of Economic Reforms: Dysfunction and Changes Models
 Chapter 3.General “Theory” of Reforms
 Chapter 4.Institutions and Dysfunction of the Systems
 Chapter 5.Dysfunction of the Systems and Institutions:  Economic Reforms
 Chapter 6.Typology of Economic Reforms

Об авторе
photoOleg S. Sukharev
Oleg S. Sukharev


Professor, Head of Laboratory of Institutional Economics at the Institute of Problems of Market of the Russian Academy of Science. Chief researcher of the Institute of Economy RAS. Author of more than 20 books and more than 300 papers on institutional economics, macroeconomics policy, innovation theory of companies and industry, theory of economic growth and institutional change. Oleg S. Sukharev is the author of the concept of dysfunction of institutions and economic systems, has developed a method for measuring dysfunctional states and evaluating the effectiveness of the system of economic organization, and proposed a model of neo-Shumpeterian competition “innovator–conservative” with correction of the findings for economic policy.