Обложка Моэм С., Стейнбек Дж. На вилле + Жемчужина (На английском языке) // Up at the Villa+The Pearl
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На вилле + Жемчужина (На английском языке) // Up at the Villa+The Pearl

2006. 196 с. ISBN 5-9542-0048-3.
  • Мягкая обложка


"Up at the Villa" tells the story of a beautiful woman who, though she could have chosen at will from the highly eligible men who courted her, gives herself to a comparative stranger and tragedy follows..."The Pearl" is a timeless and unforgettable novel sensitively told in simple and beautiful language. It is the story of a fisherman who found a pearl beyond price. With the peal, he hoped to buy peace and happiness for himself, his wife and their... (Подробнее)