Обложка Bulah A.G. Abakumova N.B. St.Petersburg: a history in stone // Санкт-Петербург: история в камне. (In English)
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St.Petersburg: a history in stone // Санкт-Петербург: история в камне. (In English)
Санкт-Петербург: история в камне. (In English)

2010. 180 с. ISBN 978-5-288-05020-6.
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This monograph highlighted the history of the stone use in St Petersburg architecture. Not only did St Petersburg architects bring some fine examples of Western design to the city --- they also imported natural stone from various European countries. In fact, the native stone from the Urals was only used in abundance at the facades of The Emir of Bukhara's mansion.

From 1990s onwards, the new social realm began to transform Russia, while also bringing ...(Подробнее)changes to the city's look. The city of St Petersburg is gradually being cleaned up. As a result of the mass restoration programme, many facades were brought back to their original beauty.

Alas, in many instances the original facade designs are being disfigured. Many newly-built structures contradict original historic settings. And, far too often, these structures literally destroy St Petersburg's most valuable architectural ensembles. Time to see St Petersburg in its whore unique historic splendour might be running out.