Обложка Fedorov L.A. SOVIET BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS: History. Ecology. Politics
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History. Ecology. Politics

URSS. 2014. 288 с. ISBN 978-5-396-00516-7.
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This book is the first to summarize materials on Soviet biological weapons, the history of the Soviet Union’s secret preparation for offensive biological warfare against an unspecified enemy, and the grave consequences suffered by this country as a result of the entire thoughtless endeavour.

The book is intended for scientists, experts and managers involved in biological sciences, medicine, military matters, disarmament and biological security, as... (Подробнее)

Table of content
Chapter 1. The origin of the Soviet military biological complex
 1.1.Story about plague, smallpox and fever
 1.2.Short course of biological warfare
  1.2.1.Bacteria with shoulder-straps
  1.2.2.Viruses and others
  1.2.3.Biological weapons and its targets
 1.3.Passion for possession of the biological weapons!
 1.4.Biological weapons stride on country
  1.4.2.The vlasikha estate near moscow
  1.4.3.A nunnery in Suzdal
  1.4.4.Lake Seliger
 1.5.Biological attack or defense?
 1.6.The Great Patriotic War
Chapter 2. Preparation for offensive biological warfare
 2.1.The biological warfare archipelago
  2.1.3.Specification of the strategy of biological warfare
  2.1.4.The genetic engineering revolution
  2.1.5.The birth of “biopreparat”
 2.2.The military system of biological warfare
  2.2.4.Aralsk-7 (Vozrozhdeniye island)
  2.2.5.Storage of biological weapons
  2.2.6.Management of biological warfare
 2.3.Biologists without shoulder-straps (“Biopreparat”)
  2.3.1.Applied science
 2.4.Ready for biological attack!
  2.4.3.The biological warfare industry
  2.4.4.Ways and means of biological attack
Chapter 3. Ecology of biological warfare
 3.1.Biological weapons testing
  3.1.1.Experiments on people
 3.2.Epidemic Sverdlovsk-1979
  3.2.1.Chronology of a disaster
  3.2.4.The cover-up operation
  3.2.5.Dealing with the consequences
 3.3.The consequences of games with infections
  3.3.3.Biological weapons burial grounds
Chapter 4. The crash of the military-biological empire
 4.1.Recognizing the biological threat
  4.1.1.Government cover for biological warfare
  4.1.2.Way to an awareness of biological danger
  4.1.3.Prepared to repel attack?
 4.2.Why and for whom secrecy was necessary
  4.2.1.Biological intelligence
  4.2.3.The collapse of the system of secrecy
 4.3.Withdrawal from a biological war: practice
  4.3.1.The fate of the victims
 4.4.Withdrawal from a biological war: theory
 4.5.A new target: biological terrorism
  4.5.1.Stage one
  4.5.2.The epoch of new epidemics
  4.5.3.General Petrov is looking for enemies in wrong places
  4.5.4.Stage two

Об авторе
Fedorov L.A.
Lev Aleksandrovich Fedorov

Professional chemist with a doctorate in chemical sciences. After graduating from Moscow State University in 1965, he worked at the Academy of Sciences of the USSR/Russia until his retirement.

In 1992, after co­­-authoring an article entitled «The Poisoned Policy» in Moscow News, he became one of the accused in a sensational case against «betrayers of state secrets» concerning chemical weapons. The case happily came to nothing.

In 1993, he founded and headed the Union for Chemical Safety that speaks out in defense of people and nature against chemical aggression perpetrated by the state. The Union is involved in studying and dealing with environmental consequences of the development and production of stockpiles of chemical, missile and biological weapons. The Union also deals with the damage to humans and the environment from the excessive use of such dangerous «chemicals» as pesticides, dioxins, heavy metals and other man-made contaminants.

L. A. Fedorov is the author of the first Russian monographs on such important environmental issues as dioxins (1993), chemical weapons (1995) and others.

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