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Обложка Popkov Yu.S. Dynamics of Non-homogeneous Systems Обложка Popkov Yu.S. Dynamics of Non-homogeneous Systems
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Dynamics of Non-homogeneous Systems Vol.7

URSS. 2004. 216 с. ISBN 5-354-00542-6.
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The Proceedings of Institute for Systems Analysis of Russian Academy of Sciences (ISA RAS) presents some new theoretical results in the fields of macrosystem analysis, mathematical modeling, deterministic and stochastic dynamics, numerical methods, optimization and games.

This scientific journal also contains articles dedicated to the solution of some applied problems in economic, technical and biological systems where the results in the above mentioned... (Подробнее)

I Theory of Differential Equations
Actual Problems of Chaotic Dynamics in Dissipative Systems of Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations. Magnitskii N. A., Sidorov S. V.
Conditioning and Sensitivity Analysis of the Two-Point Boundary Value Problem for a Linear Difference Equations System. Dogan N., Sayan H., Akin O., Aliev F.
Conditioning and Sensitivity Analysis of the Two-Point Boundary Value Problem for the System of Linear Ordinary Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients. Sayan H., Dogan N., Akin O., Aliev F.
II Theory of Games and Optimal Control
On a Non-Local Proceeding Solutions of Optimal Control Problems with Linear Controls. Afanasyev A. P., Dzyuba S. M., Lobanov S. M.
On a Suboptimal Control of Nonlinear Systems via Quadratic Criteria. Afanasyev A. P., Dzyuba S. M., Lobanov S. M.
Algorithms of the Solutions of Linear Quadratic Optimal Control Problem with Nonseparated Boundary Conditions in Mixed (continious – discrete) Typed. Akin O., Aliev F. A., Can M., Do gan N., Sayan H. H.
Augmented Lagrangian Methods for Linear Programming. Evtushenko Yu. G., Golikov A. I., Ketabchi S., Mollaverdi N.
The Stable Cooperations. Smoljakov E. R., Kichatov Yu. F.
III Theoretical Problems of Mechanics
Energy of Vacuum, Nonlinear Rotations and Intergalactic Transitions. Smoljakov E. R., Smoljakov V. E.
Problem of Estimation Oilfields Development in One Business Project. Boikov V. A., Neklyudov A. N.
Rational Foundations of Adaptive Expectations: Approach to the Excess Smoothness Problem. Dikusar V. V., Kopylov S. A.
The Problem of Construction the Decentralized Communication Structure. Rappoport A. M.
Stability of Useful Life Expenditure in Subsystems of Elements Connected in Parallel. Sadykhov G. S., Yakushev Ya. V., Fedorchuk H. R., Diveyev A. I.
A Kinetic Equation for a Singular Beam of Particles in an External Force Field. Gavrikov M. B.
Fiducial Estimate of Discrete Resource Mean Exponents. Gerasimov A. V.