Обложка -- 28. Oleg Dou // 28. Олег Доу
Id: 168013

28. Oleg Dou // 28. Олег Доу

2012. 168 с. ISBN 978-5-905110-16-0.
  • Твердый переплет


People understand the artwork of Oleg Dou in different ways. The decadent beauty of his seemingly bloodless creatures and their psychopathic gaze are strangely evocative of the cliched images of fashion photography. But the dedication and diligence with which he creates his images of young people, woven of snow and ice, entice us to seek a living face underneath the thick layer of makeup. Oleg Dou has chosen a very difficult path, dismembering beauty ...(Подробнее)with the surgical scalpel of a pathologist, dissecting a rictus grin until it becomes a paroxysm of suffering.