Обложка Malkin A., Askadsky A. Experimental methods of polymer physics
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Experimental methods of polymer physics.

520 с. (English).
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The present monograph is an enlarged and revised English edition of two books published in Russian in 1978 and 1979. The importance of the problems dealt with in this book follows from the diverse applications of polymeric materials. Manufacturers and users must have at their disposal methods of appraising the service performance and technological properties of polymers. The monograph treats both academic and shop-floor methods of measuring, their ...(Подробнее)fields of application, and possible errors. The authors present a summarized and systematic account of the experience gained in the USSR and other countries in the field of polymer investigation, including a rigorous theoretical substantiation of experimental methods and the fundamental design solutions realized in laboratory and serial instruments. The methods described are intended for measuring the mechanical properties of solid polymers, polymer melts and solutions, and the diffusion properties of polymers and their blends. They can be used not only for polymers, but also for materials such as petroleum products and foods. The book is intended for specialists engaged in the testing of polymeric materials, for research workers, engineers, and technicians occupied in the design of new instruments for research and technological applications and specializing in the field of polymeric materials. It will also be helpful to students and postgraduates majoring in the field of the production, processing, and application of polymers.