Обложка Stishov S.M. (Стишов С.М.) The ABCs of High Pressure Science // Азбука науки о высоком давлении. (In English)
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The ABCs of High Pressure Science // Азбука науки о высоком давлении.
(In English)
Стишов С.М. «Азбука науки о высоком давлении». (In English).

130 с. (English). ISBN 978-5-4344-0843-1.
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Written by the science supervisor of the Institute of High Pressure Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences, the ABCs of High Pressure Science contains brief information explaining the terms and concepts adopted by professionals involved in research in the field of high pressure, be it physics, geology, chemistry, or technology. The book also includes brief biographical essays describing activities of the outstanding scientists who largely determined ...(Подробнее)the current state of high pressure science. The book is organized in the form of short articles or notes in alphabetical order, so a search of the necessary information is not difficult. The ABCs is intended for young scientists, graduate students, and students; although well-established scientists also can find useful information here. Finally, the ABCs of high-pressure science is not a reference book and is designed to ensure that the reader can easily find the needed information in the Internet