Обложка Grinin L., Herrmann P., Korotayev A., Tausch A. History and mathematics: Processes and Models of Global Dynamics
Id: 181666

History and mathematics:
Processes and Models of Global Dynamics

296 с. (English). ISBN 978-5-7057-2665-3.
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A more and more important role is played by new directions in historical research that study long-term dynamic processes and quantitative changes. This kind of history can hardly develop without the application of mathematical methods. The history is studied more and more as a system of various processes, within which one can detect waves and cycles of different lengths – from a few years to several centuries, or even millennia.

This issue is the ...(Подробнее)third collective monograph in the series of History & Mathematics almanacs and it is subtitled Processes and Models of Global Dynamics. The contributions to the almanac present a qualitative and quantitative analysis of global historical, political, economic and demographic processes, as well as their mathematical models.

This issue of the almanac consists of two main sections: (I) Analyses of the World Systems and Global Processes, and (II) Models of Economic and Demographic Processes.

We hope that this issue of the almanac will be interesting and useful both for historians and mathematicians, as well as for all those dealing with various social and natural sciences.