Encuadernación Vinogradov C., Malkin A. Rheology of polymers
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Rheology of polymers.

468 pp. (English).
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This monograph presents a comprehensive, generalized survey of theoretical and experimental investigations into the rheology of high-molecular compounds and their solutions. Their properties are examined in relationship to their structure and composition. The book describes all the most important features of the mechanical properties of polymers in flow. Much space is devoted to a detailed consideration of results of investigations of the flow properties ...(Información más detallada)of polymer melts and solutions, which govern their behaviour In various manufacturing processes. The behaviour of fluid polymers on uniaxial extension is treated in detail. The book is intended for a wide circle of readers who are in any way concerned with the problems of the physics, mechanics and physical chemistry of polymers and also for technologists engaged in plastics processing, fabrication of articles from rubber blends and production of fibres. It will also be of assistance and guidance to students and post-graduates specializing in polymer science and technology