Encuadernación Karapetyants M., Drakin S. The structure of matter
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The structure of matter.

338 pp. (English).
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Treated in this book are present-day ideas on the structure of atoms, molecules and crystals, as well as the nature of chemical bonds. It is supposed that the reader is acquainted with chemistry within the scope of the secondary-school course and that he has some notion of differential and integral calculus. The study of this book can precede, the learning of a higher-school course in chemistry; it will be conducive in widening the student's knowledge ...(Información más detallada)of inorganic chemistry as well as in studying more deeply organic and analytical chemistry. The book is designed for students in chemical engineering, polytechnical and other institutes of learning in which inorganic and organic chemistry are studied. It can be found useful for engineers, technicians and scientific workers whose industrial or research work is associated with chemical technology, metallurgy, biochemistry, or geochemistry.