Encuadernación Vekshin N.L. Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Biomacromolecules
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Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Biomacromolecules

192 pp. (English). Cartoné. ISBN 978-5-903789-07-8.
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The book by Dr. Nikolai Vekshin (Head researcher in the Institute of Cell Biophysics of Russian Acad. Sci.) is the English translation (with additions and corrections) of his book "Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Biopolymers", published recently in Russian. It is a brief course in fluorescence spectroscopy of biomacromolecules and their complexes. General items on spectroscopy, engineering of experiments and biological examples are given. Proteins, enzymes, DNA, oligonucleotides, biomembranes, coenzymes, antibiotics, fluorescent probes, dyes etc. are presented as examples (basically from own experience of the author).

The book is intended for biophysigists, biochemists, molecular biologists, physical-chemists and other researchers, interested in use of fluorescent methods.







Synchronous spectra

Fluorescence decay and life-time

Quantum yield

Quenching. Stern-Volmer's equation

Polarization degree and anisotropy

Rotary depolarization and the Levshin-Perrin equation

Resonant energy transfer

Non-resonant energy transfer and exciplex emission

Migration of energy and hot transfer

Volumetric reabsorption

Screening and reabsorption. Micro-screening and micro-reabsorption

Probability of absorption. Screening hypochromizm


Standard spectrofluorimeter

Recommendations for working with spectrofluorimeter

Universal spectrofluorimeter

Phase fluorometry

Pulse fluorometry

Multi-pass cuvettes


Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy

Polarizing measurements with ConfoCor

Photochemical reactions

Photo-induced IR-emission spectroscopy


Biological fluorophores

Spectral heterogeneity of tryptophan emission

Change of polarization along emission spectrum of proteins

Photo-induced conformational mobility

Deactivation of excited tryptophan residues

Resonant energy transfer in proteins

About energy transfer from tyrosine to tryptophan

Migration of energy in DNA

Spectroscopy of DNA-actinomycin complexes

Spectroscopy of the NADH dehydrogenase complex

The NADH dehydrogenase activity in mitochondrial


Photo-desorption of cellular organelles

Photo-desorption of NADH from alcohol dehydrogenase

Comparison of protomitochondria and mitochondria

Changes of fluorescence of proteins and NADH at functioning of mitochondria

Loss of flavin from the NADH dehydrogenase complex of mitochondria 142

Releasing out of FAD from bacterial electron-transport flavoproteins

Chaperon complex SecB - RBPTI

Thermo- and photo-induced aggregation of a-crystalline

How a-crystallin prevents the aggregation of insulin

Excimers and dimers of pyrene in membranes

Pyrene as the indicator of oxygen and polarity

Fluorescent pharmacology