Encuadernación Lawrence R. Klein, Edwin Burmeister Econometric Model Performance Comparative Simulation Studies of the U. S. Economy
Id: 107182

Econometric Model Performance Comparative Simulation Studies of the U.
S. Economy

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Introduction Edwin Burmeister and Lawrence R. Klein

1. Anticipations Variables in an Econometric Model: Performance of the Anticipations Version of Wharton Mark III

F. Gerard Adams and Vijaya G. Duggal

2. An Evaluation of a Short-Run Forecasting Model Ray C. Fair

3. St. Louis Model Revisited Leonall C. Andersen and Keith M. Carlson

4. A Monthly Econometric Model of the U.S. Economy Ta-Chung Liu and Erh-Cheng Hwa

5. Notes on Testing the Predictive Performance of Econometric Models E. Philip Howrey, Lawrence R. Klein, and Michael D. McCarthy

6. On the Role of Expectations of Price and Technological Change in an Investment Function Albert K. Ando, Franco Modigliani, Robert Rasche, and Stephen J. Turnovsky

7. Some Aspects of Stabilization Policies, the Monetarist Controversy, and the MPS Model Albert K. Ando

8. The Wharton Model Mark III: A Modem IS-LM Construct Vijaya G. Duggal, Lawrence R. Klein, and Michael D. McCarthy

9. The Data Resources Model: Uses, Structure and Analysis of the U.S. Economy Otto Eckstein, Edward W. Green, and Allen Sinai

10. Some Multiplier and Error Characteristics of the BEA Quarterly Model Albert A. Hirsch, Bruce T. Grimm, and Gorti V.L. Narasimham

11. The Structure and Properties of the Michigan Quarterly Econometric Model of the U.S. Economy Saul H. Нуmans and Harold T. Shapiro

12. The Wharton Long Term Model: Input-Output Within the Context of a Macro Forecasting Model R. S. Preston

13. The Hickman-Coen Annual Growth Model: Structural Characteristics and Policy Responses Bert G. Hickman, Robert M. Coen, and Michael D. Hurd

14. The Brookings Quarterly Model: As an Aid to Longer Term Economic Policy Analysis George R. Schink

15. Judging the Performance of Econometric Models of the U.S. Economy Carl F. Christ

16. Asymptotic Theory and Large Models J.D.Sargan

17. Birth Control in an Econometric Simulation Daniel B. Suits, Ward Mardfin, Srawooth Paitoonpong, and Teh-Pei Yu

18. The NBER/NSF Model Comparison Seminar: An Analysis of Results Gary Fromm and Lawrence R. Klein