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Unclassified (Physics)

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Unclassified (Physics)
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12.9 EUR
Chernousko F.L., Borisov A.V., Kozlov V.V., Mamaev I.S.
From Mechanical to Biologikal Systems. An Integrated Approach
444 pp. (English). Hardcover.

This special issue consists of reviewed articles contributed by lecture presenters of the IUTAM Symposium ``From Mechanical to Biological Systems: an Integrated Approach'' held at the Udmurt State University, Izhevsk, Russia, from June 5 to June 10, 2012. The main goal of the Symposium was to promote... (More)

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(German). Paperback.

Der Grundkurs Theoretische Physik deckt in 7 Bänden alle für das Diplom und für Bachelor/Master-Studiengänge maßgeblichen Gebiete ab. Jeder Band vermittelt das im jeweiligen Semester notwendige theoretisch-physikalische Rüstzeug. Übungsaufgaben mit ausführlichen Lösungen dienen der Vertiefung des Stoffs.... (More)

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11.9 EUR
Raisa P.Kuzmina.
Soft shells
272 pp. (English). Hardcover.

All rights reserved. This work may not be translated or copied in whole or in part with- out the written permission of the publisher, except for brief excerpts in connection with reviews or scholarly analysis. Use in connection with any form of information storage and retrieval, electronic adaptation,... (More)

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7.9 EUR
143 pp. (English). Paperback.

Planetary science of the Solar System to date retains a number of the obscurities and puzzles on the properties and the origins of its some objects. Author's findings on this point are the essence of this brief book. It constitutes collected recent manuscripts of author as well as some appropriate fragments... (More)

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536 pp. (Slovak). Hardcover.
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312 pp. (English). Hardcover.

This is not an introduction to physics but an analysis of its founda­ tions. Indeed, the aims of this book are: (1) to analyze the form and content of some of the key ideas of physics; (2) to formulate several basic physical theories in an explicit and orderly (i. e. , axiomatic) fashion; (3) to exhibit... (More)

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280 pp. (English). Hardcover.

This volume contains some of Professor Wigner's more popular papers, which, in their diversity of subject and clarity of style, reflect the author's deep analytical powers and the remarkable scope of his interests. Included are articles on the nature of physical symmetry, invariance and conservation... (More)

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9.9 EUR
226 pp. (Russian). Paperback.

Монография посвящена методам математического моделирования в теории дифракции, опирающимся на использование априорной информации об аналитических свойствах решения.

Во введении обсуждаются примеры, показывающие важность учета априорной информации при разработке алгоритмов решения задач дифракции,... (More)

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440 pp. (English). Hardcover.
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306 pp. (English). Hardcover.
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Weissman P.R.. McFaudden L.-A., Johnson T.V.
Encyclopedia of the Solar system
992 pp. (English). Hardcover.
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100 pp. (German).



AnekcaHApi AnekcaHApoBHHV E"APAHOB"b,



Berechnung der Feuerungen, Dampfkessel, Vorwärmer, Ueberhitzer, Warmwasser-Erzeuger, # * * « » Kalorifere, Reservoire usw. * » • * *


Ed. Brauß, Ingenieur


Verlag von Gebrüder Jänecke ,... (More)

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120 pp. (Spanish). Paperback.
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12.9 EUR Bestseller!
URSS. 152 pp. (Spanish). Paperback.

En el año 1826 el genial matemático ruso N.I.Lobachevski propuso su conocida geometría a juicio de la comunidad científica mundial. Sin embargo, sus contemporáneos no estaban preparados para valorar debidamente un descubrimiento de tal magnitud. Sólo varias décadas después de la muerte de su creador... (More)

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478 pp. (English). Paperback. Second-hand. Condition: 4.
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476 pp. (English). Paperback. Second-hand. Condition: 4.
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324 pp. (English). Hardcover.

In the theory and practice of econometrics the model, the method and the data are all interdependent links in information recovery-estimation and inference. Seldom, however, are the economic and statistical models correctly specified, the data complete or capable of being replicated, the estimation rules... (More)

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