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Rarities (before 1920)

Rarities (before 1920) (999)

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(French). Hardcover. Rare book.
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1776 pp. (German). Hardcover. 179.9 EUR
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206 pp. (French). Hardcover. Second-hand book. Encyclopedical format (245mm x 315mm). Condition: 3+ (on a five-point scale) // Букинист. Энциклопедический формат (205мм x 265мм). Состояние: 3+ // In 4°, legatura edit. in T.Tela con titoli oro al dorso e al piatto, pp. 205 + 25 tavv. più volte ripieg. f.t. Integrazione al margine sup. dell'occhietto e front. Rare book.

209p. + XXV planche (More)

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Wm. Sellers & Co.
Machine Tools. 3d ed., rev.
264 pp. (English). Hardcover. Advance order is required Rare book.
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1378 pp. (Latin). Hardcover. Rare book.

Tomus primus: Mechanica Sive Motus Scientia Analytice Exposita. pg. 408. 1912

Tomus alter: Mechanica Sive Motus Scientia Analytice Exposita. pg. 460. 1912

Volumen Prius: Dioptrica. pg. 510. 1911 (More)

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144 pp. (German). Paperback. Second-hand. Second hand. The state is rated 5 (from 10). The photos from inside are lost. There are patches of moisture on the pages. Rare book.
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764 pp. (German). Hardcover. Second-hand book. The general state is rated 7.25 (out of 10): Text: 8.75; Cover: 6.85. The effect of the years is evident. The book has a stamp of already not existing library. Rare book.
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672 pp. (German). Hardcover. Second-hand. Condition: 5-. Rare book.

Энциклопедия элементарной математики. Том 3: Прикладная элементарная математика. Часть 3.2: Начертательная геометрия, графическая статика, теория вероятностей, политическая арифметика и астрономия. (More)

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Hawkes H.E.
Higher Algebra
228 pp. (English). Hardcover. Second-hand book. The general state is rated 8.5 (out of 10): Text: 8.85; Cover: 8.5 (there are some notes on the flyleaf). Rare book.
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352 pp. (Russian). Hardcover. Second-hand. С.-Петербургъ. Типография И.Н. Скороходова. 299.9 EUR
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123456...50   Next1 - 20 of 997

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