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466 pp. (English). Hardcover. Second-hand. Condition: 5-. Rare book.

Серия LOEB Classical Library основана в 1912 году. Маленькие томики карманного формата: древнегреческая классика - в серийных суперобложках зеленого цвета, древнеримская - в красных. В настоящее время серия выходит в издательстве Гарвардского университета. Текст двуязычный: на... (More)

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URSS. 328 pp. (English). Paperback. 69.9 EUR

In the manuscript the blow up phenomena for classical nonlinear equations of parabolic type with double nonlinearities and for hyperbolic type equations with positive energy are studied. Moreover the systems of similar equations are also considered. In the investigation the modified energetic method,... (More)

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64 pp. (English). Paperback. 6.9 EUR

The manual considers natural and anthropogenic factors of soil acidification, forms and parameters of soil acidity and methods of their determination, reclamation principles of acid soils, the concept of the acid?base buffering of soils. The main educational sources are cited.

The manual can be used... (More)

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92 pp. (English). Paperback. 6.9 EUR

The manual presents general information on the chemistry, pedochemistry, and geochemistry of aluminum, considers the main groups of aluminum compounds in the soil solid phase and the soil solution, as well as processes with the participation of mobile aluminum in the soils of humid extratropical regions.... (More)

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Olivier T Godichet.
Basics' Back
400 pp. (English). Hardcover. Rare book.

First volume on fundamentals of an Economy-Physics-Ecology principles of modelling. Primary arithmetic logic with numbers, units, logic, nature's complexities, humans' complications, Economy of Information For the conceptions and design of crossed information models Next volume to complete with networks,... (More)

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880 pp. (English). Paperback. 16.9 EUR

About the Book

For several decades now, people around the world have shown tremendous interest in Afghanistan. This country has been continuously struggling with a legacy of protracted wars, political tensions and religious confrontation. To this day, Afghanistan remains a bleeding wound left by the... (More)

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1432 pp. (German). Hardcover. 170x240 mm. Second-hand book. The general state is rated 9 (out of 10): Text: 9+; Cover: 9; Dust cover: 8+. The effect of the years is evident. Rare book.
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628 pp. (German). Hardcover. 170x240 mm. The book is new but the effect of the years is evident. The state is rated 9+ (out of 10): Text and cover: 9+; Dust cover: 9+. Rare book.
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112 pp. (English). Paperback. Second-hand.

Пособие знакомит с самой употребительной терминологией по математике и физике на англ. языке на материале разнообразных по содержанию статей. В сборник включены как адаптированные, так и неадаптированные статьи. В конце каждого раздела имеется доп. материал: задачи по математике и физике,... (More)

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URSS. 104 pp. (English). Paperback. 39.9 EUR
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URSS. 288 pp. (English). Paperback. 79.8 EUR
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564 pp. (English). Paperback. Rare book.

Since it appeared in 1971, John Rawls's A Theory of Justice has become a classic. The author has now revised the original edition to clear up a number of difficulties he and others have found in the original book.

Rawls aims to express an essential part of the common core of the democratic tradition--justice... (More)

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230 pp. (English). Hardcover. 51.9 EUR

Приводится наиболее полный на текущий момент список ноктуоидных чешуекрылых Киргизии: всего 856 видов, из которых 68 указано для Киргизии впервые (8251 обработанных экземпляров); виды, указывающиеся для фауны впервые, а также многие малоизвестные виды и типовые экземпляры, проиллюстрированы. Обозначены... (More)

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URSS. 256 pp. (Spanish). Paperback. 16.9 EUR

El presente libro se caracteriza por una exposición breve y clara de los temas tratados, valiéndose de analogías y sin entrar en detalles innecesarios. Se presta especial atención a la interrelación de los resultados y al enfoque general del material considerado.

En este tomo de la serie se tratan... (More)

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Bielokúrov V.V., Shirkov D.V.
Guía de la teoría cuántica de campos
URSS. 272 pp. (Spanish). Paperback 15.9 EUR

El elemento clave de la física contemporánea es el concepto de campo cuántico. Hoy en día se considera que este constituye la forma universal de la materia que subyace a todas sus manifestaciones físicas. Este libro puede ser recomendado como una primera lectura para aquellos estudiantes y físicos de... (More)

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392 pp. (English). Hardcover. Rare book.

Immune and Receptor Assays in Theory and Practice presents the fundamentals of each technique and introduces practical examples of equation use, antibody and receptor purification, antigen labeling, immunization and establishment of antibodies for long-term storage. It contrasts the many different assay... (More)

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900 pp. (German). Hardcover. Б4 / Глухой библ. переплет. Дарст. надпись карандашом. Rare book.
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288 pp. (English). Hardcover. Rare book.

The textbook “The History of Russian Surgery: Selected Pages” corresponds to the basic educational programs of federal state educational standards of higher professional education. The purpose of the new textbook is to help students understand the special role of the history of Russian surgery... (More)

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Alexander A.Samarskii, Victor A.Galaktionov, Sergei P.Kurdyumov, Alexander P.Mikhailov.
Blow-Up in Quasilinear Parabolic Equations
536 pp. (English). Hardcover. Б5/ С дарственной надписью авторов знаменитому ученому//. Rare book.
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