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Electromagtenic Waves


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Sheliepin L.A.
La coherencia. №09
URSS. 160 pp. (Spanish). Paperback. 9.9 EUR

El concepto de coherencia surgió en la óptica clásica. Hoy este concepto no sólo se ha convertido en un concepto general de la física, sino que se ha salido del marco de esta ciencia. En este libro el problema de la coherencia se estudia desde diferentes posiciones. Se examinan, además, las propiedades... (More)

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URSS. 304 pp. (Spanish). Paperback. 21.9 EUR Bestseller!

La ciencia moderna de las oscilaciones y ondas se presenta en el presente libro mediante efectos y fenómenos de la medicina, química, ecología, hidrodinámica, electrónica, economía, ciencias sociales, etcétera. El objetivo de este trabajo es mostrar que conceptos tales como oscilaciones, ondas, inestabilidad,... (More)

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URSS. 240 pp. (Spanish). Paperback. In press.

La ciencia moderna de las oscilaciones y las ondas se expone en el libro con sus efectos y fenómenos en medicina, química, ecología, hidrodinámica, electrónica, economía, ciencias sociales y otras. El objetivo del libro es mostrar que conceptos tales como oscilaciones y ondas, inestabilidad y no-linealidad,... (More)

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274 pp. (English). Hardcover. Rare book.
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URSS. 520 pp. (English). Paperback. 29.9 EUR

The proposed Lectures supplement the course by Landau and Lifshitz with some new sections, without which it is impossible to solve the problems in modern theoretical physics.

This book consists of Lectures which the author has been reading in Moscow Institute of Physical Technology since 2003. The... (More)

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Bardzokas D.I., Kydryavtsev B.A., Senik N.A.
Wave Propagation in Electromagnetoelastic Media
URSS. 304 pp. (English). Paperback. 23.9 EUR

The book focuses on the main characteristics of coupled electromagnetoelastic waves, surface Rayleigh waves in piezoelectric and magnetoelastic media, Lamb waves and shear waves in piezoelectrics. The authors discuss the criteria of dielectric and piezoelectric breakdown. All topics of the book receive... (More)

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Lándsberg G.S. (Ed.).
Cours élémentaire de physique
632 pp. (French). Hardcover. Rare book.

Le ``Cours élémentaire de Physique'', publié pour la premiàre fois en 1948-1952 sous la direction de l'académicien G. Landsberg, fut aussitôt hautement apprécié par les élàves des écoles secondaires, préparant leur baccalauréat. Le succàs de cet ouvrage tient surtout au l'ail qu'il a été conçu par des... (More)

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Gubankov V.N.
Solitones. №32
URSS. 128 pp. (Spanish). Paperback. 12.9 EUR Bestseller!

Este libro está dedicado al análisis de la formación y propagación de los solitones (ondas solitarias de extraordinarias propiedades) en distintos medios y sistemas físicos. Se examinan los métodos de análisis y la posibilidad de observar experimentalmente los solitones en diversos medios: la superficie... (More)

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Grigor'ev V.I., Grigor'eva E.V., Pisanko Y.V., Rostovsky V.S.
Baro-electric effect and celestial magnetism
URSS. 128 pp. (English). Paperback. 12.9 EUR

The nature of the terrestrial magnetism has been creating a problem in geophysics. This book is devoted to the elaboration of the Sutherland hypothesis of the phenomenon proposed in 1903 and almost forgotten now. He supposed the electric charge redistribution in a celestial body under the action of inhomogeneous... (More)

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Pyatnitsky L.N.
Wave Besselian beams
URSS. 408 pp. (English). Paperback. 59.9 EUR

In this work we discuss the propagation of the wave radiation focused by the axicon, and analyze optical discharges created by laser Besselian beam in gases, fluids and on solid surfaces. We consider formation processes of discharges, properties and structures of the plasma channels. Also, we describe... (More)

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704 pp. (Spanish). Hardcover. Second-hand book. The state is rated 8.5 (out of 10). The state of the dustcovers of the books is rated 7. The book has a small cancelled stamp of already not existing library. Rare book.
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640 pp. (English). Hardcover. The book is new but the effect of the years is evident. The state is rated 9 (out of 10). The state of the dustcovers of the books is rated 8.5. Advance order is required Rare book.
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URSS. 512 pp. (Russian). Paperback. 17.9 EUR

Издание представляет собой сборник трудов, посвященных международной конференции МСС-09 "Трансформация волн, когерентные структуры и турбулентность", 23-25 ноября 2009 года. (More)

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URSS. 376 pp. (English). Paperback. With dust cover. 19.9 EUR
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URSS. 488 pp. (English). Paperback. 69.9 EUR

The present monography is dedicated to a fashionable trend in nonlinear analysis --- the theories of blow-up of solutions for final time. In this book nonlinear Sobolev type equations are systematically studied. The book will be interesting both to experts in the field of nonlinear analysis and to students... (More)

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648 pp. (Russian). Hardcover. 45.9 EUR

Дано систематическое изложение основ теории авиационных систем радиовидения (амплитудные, фазовые, скоростные и поляризационные портреты, многопозиционные системы, обратное синтезирование). Приведены примеры реализации и эффективности различных методов радиовидения. Книга написана с использованием... (More)

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304 pp. (Portuguese). Hardcover. 49.9 EUR
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Kasatkine A. Pérékaline M.
Cours d'électrotechnique
682 pp. (French). Hardcover. Rare book.
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298 pp. (Spanish). Hardcover. 49.9 EUR
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