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7.9 EUR
URSS. 126 pp. (Russian). Paperback.

Cómo hablar por teléfono en ruso

How to telephone in Russian

Le russe par téléphone

Цель пособия --- развитие навыков устного речевого поведения в ситуациях телефонного разговора. Состоит из четырех разделов: общие сведения, семантические части, развитие темы, типичная тематика. Каждый раздел... (More)

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12.9 EUR
URSS. 184 pp. (Russian). Paperback

Цель настоящей книги --- служить развитию навыков вежливого речевого поведения, как у носителей русского языка, так и у тех, кто русский язык изучает, поскольку никакое нормальное общение между людьми невозможно без учета этикетных правил. Данная книга не только знакомит с формулами русского речевого... (More)

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Rare book.
564 pp. (English). Paperback.

Since it appeared in 1971, John Rawls's A Theory of Justice has become a classic. The author has now revised the original edition to clear up a number of difficulties he and others have found in the original book.

Rawls aims to express an essential part of the common core of the democratic tradition--justice... (More)

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13.9 EUR
216 pp. (English). Paperback.

The monograph presents a coherent account of the major technological changes starting from the emergence of Homo sapiens until present and outlines the prospects of technological development in the next 30-60 years.

What determines a society's transition from one level of development to another? One... (More)

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9.9 EUR
URSS. 128 pp. (Russian). Paperback.

Автор настоящей книги рассматривает концепты языка как способ и средство раскрытия языковой и понятийной картины мира современного человека. Его знание о мире, предрассудки и предпочтения во всем, что касается межкультурной коммуникации на современном английском языке, находят прямое и непосредственное... (More)

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15.9 EUR Bestseller!
URSS. 216 pp. (Spanish). Paperback.

A menudo pensamos que la vista nos engaña. Pero ¿es realmente así? Resulta que no.

Entonces, ¿por qué nuestra percepción es afectada por las ilusiones ópticas? ¿Cómo ellas surgen? Esta obra responde a estas preguntas de una manera comprensible y amena.

El libro comienza con una breve reseña histórica.... (More)

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Carpenter R.H.S.
Neurophysiology. 4Ed
478 pp. (English). Paperback. Condition: 4+.

The new fourth edition of this highly successful textbook covers the entire subject of neurophysiology from the conduction of nerve impulses to the higher functions of the brain. Particular emphasis is placed on principles and functional concepts.

The book is accompanied by a CD containing not only... (More)

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518 pp. (English). Paperback. Condition: 4+.

The Reader is divided into distinct sections such as the History of Cognitive Neuroscience, Methods, Language and Unconscious Processing. Each of these sections contain four or five representative articles by eminent researchers that illustrate important methodological, empirical and theoretical issues.... (More)

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Heilman Kenneth M., Valenstein Edward.
Clinical Neuropsychology (Medicine)
716 pp. (English). Paperback.

Clinical Neuropsychology comprehensively reviews the major neurobehavioral disorders associated with brain dysfunction. Since the third edition appeared in 1993 there have been many advances in the understanding and treatment of neurobehavioral disorders. This edition, like prior editions, describes... (More)

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21.9 EUR
URSS. 304 pp. (English). Hardcover.

What are the problems and dilemmas that confront man in the age of science? Will he be able to control the rapid course of scientific and technological progress or will he become a victim of scientistic manipulations? How does science relate to humanistic principles.

The author examines the problems... (More)

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39.9 EUR
508 pp. (Russian). Paperback.

The authors of the books focus on such problems as the activity of transnational communication groups, communication competency in business, the role of communication management in international affairs, military operations and “orange revolutions”, CM and terrorism, the problems of communication and... (More)

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11.9 EUR
Boldyreva L.B., Sotina N.B.
Physicists in parapsychology
112 pp. (English). Paperback.

This is a collection of articles describing the results of experimental studies of some phenomena of parapsychology. Theoretical approaches based on the model of superfluid physical vacuum to explanation of the phenomena are presented. (More)

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234 pp. (Vietnamese). Paperback.
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216 pp. (Vietnamese). Paperback.
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248 pp. (Portuguese). Hardcover.
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120 pp. (Spanish). Paperback.
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