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Non-standard approaches in Physics


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64 pp. (English). Paperback. 8.9 EUR

The nature of light being a subject of intensive research and speculation over the centuries still remains a "dark" issue of the modern physics. It has been established that light transfers energy from the source to the receiver by discrete portions, the quanta. However, there is no unified point of... (More)

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URSS. 152 pp. (English). Paperback. 9.9 EUR

The endless and mysterious history of origin and development of celestial bodies, the evolution of the Solar System, comets, asteroids, terrestrial and giant planets, small bodies and enigmatic planet rings --- all these are the material on which a number of cosmogonical hypotheses are built.

The author... (More)

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URSS. 344 pp. (English). Hardcover. 15.9 EUR

Field Physics is the next generation physics. Modern science mostly describes the nature of events without looking at the reasons why they happen, i.e. it answers the question how rather than why.

For the first time, within the scope of Field Physics, we can look beyond the modern paradigm and understand... (More)

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Boldyreva L.B., Sotina N.B.
Physicists in parapsychology
112 pp. (English). Paperback. 11.9 EUR

This is a collection of articles describing the results of experimental studies of some phenomena of parapsychology. Theoretical approaches based on the model of superfluid physical vacuum to explanation of the phenomena are presented. (More)

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312 pp. (English). Hardcover. 35.9 EUR

The monograph contains the results of the program of the geometrization of the equations of physics advanced by Einstein at the beginning of the 20th century and developed by the author who gives the idea of the universal principle of relativity and the theory of physical vacuum and analyses theoretical... (More)

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12 pp. (English). Paperback. 1.9 EUR

In the brochure the solution of a very old problem, which is known as the Mach principle, is stated. A new model of space-time where the values of the speed of light and Plank constant depend on the gravitational potential created by the whole mass of the Universe at a given point in space is proposed.... (More)

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Borissova L.B., Rabounski D.D.
Particles here and beyond the mirror.
URSS. 84 pp. (English). Paperback. 8.9 EUR

This book looks at motion of particles using mathematical methods of physical observable values in General Relativity. It is shown that aside for mass-bearing particles and light-like particles "zero-particles" can exist in fully degenerated space-time (zero-space). For a regular observer zero-particles... (More)

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Borissova L.B., Rabounski D.D.
Fields, Vacuum, and the mirror Universe
URSS. 272 pp. (English). Paperback. 14.9 EUR

The book builds theory of motion of charged particles with spin in four-dimensional pseudo-Riemannian space. The theory employs the mathematical apparatus of chronometric invariants by A.L. Zelmanov (physical observable values in the General Theory of Relativity). Numerous special effects in electrodynamics,... (More)

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200 pp. (English). Paperback. 13.9 EUR

The first part of the book describes the relativity of noninertial (accelerated and rotating) reference frames tied with real bodies. The description is based on the space of events of four-dimensional oriented points. The second part presents a geometrical model of strong interaction built as a branch... (More)

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60 pp. (English). Paperback. 8.9 EUR
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URSS. 208 pp. (English). Paperback. 13.9 EUR

Fundamental and derived physical quantities are geometrized on the basis of the hypothesis of global stationary state of our Universe. A new (L) system of physical quantities based on a single quantity (length) is created and developed. Numerical values of seven base units as well as fundamental physical... (More)

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URSS. 216 pp. (English). Paperback. 12.9 EUR

This book describes the postulates (principles) of Energy Theory, which state the following. The Universe, in all of its parts ranging from the minimal to the maximal, is constantly pulsating, compressing energy in some parts and accordingly rarefying it in others. The Universe is to be considered... (More)

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Yanchilin V.L.
Quantum nonlocality
URSS. 120 pp. (English). Paperback. 11.9 EUR

How one electron can be in two remote areas simultaneously? How can we “cook up” a quantum state? What is described by wave function and when its reduction takes place? How long is a quantum jump and is it a reversible process? How does quantum nonlocality work? Traditional textbooks on quantum mechanics... (More)

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URSS. 120 pp. (English). Paperback. Advance order is required 11.9 EUR

This book presents key ideas of quantum mechanics. The paradoxes of the quantum world are explained with examples of dispute between Einstein and Bohr. A collection of simple drawings illustrates the key concepts: wave/particle dualism, non-locality, and quantum jumps.

The foundations of quantum physics... (More)

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304 pp. (English). Paperback. 14.9 EUR

In the monograph it is justified the calculation approach of electromagnetic and gravitational interactions of moving bodies, in which the space, time and mass do not depend on the movement. The main concepts of mechanics are analysed and determined. From the experimental laws the main electrodynamic... (More)

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74 pp. (English). Paperback. 11.9 EUR

The present book contains the results of the research of a circular and vortical motion of electromagnetic waves under various conditions of their distribution.

First numerical experiments are carried out in immobile dielectric wave-guides. Then circular waves have been analyzed in the mobile and... (More)

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URSS. 112 pp. (English). Paperback. 12.9 EUR

It is shown in the book that by attributing the properties of superfluid 3He-B to physical vacuum one can describe the following physical phenomena: the emission, absorption and propagation of light, the wave properties of matter, the interaction of quantum particles with electric fields, superconductivity,... (More)

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11 - 19 of 19

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