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Cover The author's association Physics of the 20th century. History and outlook
Id: 9845
29.9 EUR

Physics of the 20th century. History and outlook.

344 pp. (English). Hardcover.

Quantum Theory. Origins and Growth (Elyashevich M.A.).

The origins and Development of Modern Atomistics (Trifonov D.N.).

State-of-the-Art in "New Atom" Research (Goldanskii V.I. and Shantarovich V.P.).

Quantum Electronics (Letokhov V.S.).

Nonlinear Physics. Stochasticity and Structures (Gaponov-Grekhov A.V. and Rabinovich M.I.).

Physics and Astrophysics in the Late 20th Century. Development and Future Outlook (Ginzburg V.L.).

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