Cover Poltoratsky B.F. Fundamental particles in pictures and without hypotheses
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Fundamental particles in pictures and without hypotheses

74 pp. (English). ISBN 978-5-364-00517-5.
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With coloured pictures.

The present book contains the results of the research of a circular and vortical motion of electromagnetic waves under various conditions of their distribution.

First numerical experiments are carried out in immobile dielectric wave-guides. Then circular waves have been analyzed in the mobile and nonlinear medium from Maxwell's position. But further the transition has been carried out to completely dynamic equations of an electromagnetic field,...(More) which contain inertial forces, defined through a mass denisty of medium and acceleration. These equations naturally unite the classical mechanics and Maxwell-Hertz equations, which leads to the entirely dynamic description of a wave process. This forms the basis for consideration of the evolution for elemental electromagnetic vortexes.

Interaction of vortexes among themselves occurs through constant fields of charges, and also through variable fields, which are propagated ad infinitum. It is established, that the vortexes interaction in a near wave zone through variable fields is characterized by the presence of a discrete system of steady states. This interaction gets the Kulon's character in a far wave zone. Such properties of vortexes lead to new understanding of a quantum mechanics and the nature of an origin of gravitational forces.

The suggested theory is developed exclusively on the basis of well-known laws of motion and electrodynamics. It excludes concepts like dualism and does not require any physical hypotheses for its substation.