Cover Bermant A.F., Aramanovich I.G. Mathematical analysis: A Brief Course for Engineering Students
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Mathematical analysis: A Brief Course for Engineering Students.

786 pp. (English). Hardcover. Second-hand book. The state is rated 8.5 (out of 10). The state of the dustcovers of the books is rated 7.

A textbook for university engineering students, meeting the needs of Soviet engineering courses. Certain fields relating to equations of mathematical physics and the functions of a complex variable (on which special textbooks for engineering students have been published) are not included. The general theme «Computation and Programming Methods» covers only such separate subjects as the application of differentials to the theory of errors, the approximate solution of equations, and numerical integration.

The presentation includes many examples and problems, study of which is indispensable for mastering the methods of mathematical analysis and of applying analysis to concrete physical cases (so important to engineers). Aims not simply to impart the information needed by engineers but also to foster logical and mathematical thinking and to broaden the student's mathematical outlook.