Cover Perepechko I. Acoustic methods of investigating polymers
Id: 8447

Acoustic methods of investigating polymers.

314 pp. (English). Hardcover.
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The present monograph is devoted to a description of the acoustic methods usad for investigating the relaxation processes and structure of polymers. It sets out in brief the pheno-menological theory of the acoustic properties of polymers that makes it possible to explain how the structure of polymers affects their viscoelastic behaviour. In addition to previously known experimental data, the author has systematized, summarized and explained new phenomena discovered during recent years. The fundamentals of the acoustic method of determining the orientation of polymers are treated. Experimental data on the molecular mobility and relaxation processes in polymers are systematized. The most reliable and convenient apparatus for and methods of measuring the acoustiu properties of polymers are described. The book is intended for a broad circle of readersЧscientists having to do with the physics, chemistry and physical chemistry of polymers, engineers, chemists, and also for post-graduates and students of higher educational establishments.