Cover Fock V.A. Fundamentals of quantum mechanics
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Fundamentals of quantum mechanics.

370 pp. (English). Hardcover.

This unique course in quantum mechanics was written by an outstanding physics theoretician, who contributed much to the founding and development of the quantum theory. Many of the chapters bear the stamp of his scientific investigations. The first Russian edition appeared in 1932 and for some years it was the only Soviet book on the quantum theory. It has retained its significance to this day, but has long been a bibliographical rarity. For the second Russian edition the author has revised and greatly augmented the book, including his latest findings in quantum mechanics. He elaborates on the epistomological bases of the science, devoting several sections to specific problems that add to an understanding of the theory. Two of the new chapters consider Pauli's theory of the electron and the many-electron problem in its application to the atomic theory.